PSK 100PLUS weight up to 100 kg. Reduces the maximum number of components,  effective logistics, maintenance and treatment processes.
The next step in the development of the system – mechanisms to medium-sized openings. Unlimited access to all PSKPLUS product family benefits.
PSK 160 PLUS. Specifically developed for heavy openings up to 160 kg for manual control.
PSK 100PLUS, 130PLUS 160PLUS und allows the opening to recline by simply turning the handle 90 °. Turn the handle on, sliding sash is in a closed position.
Big opening overhang allows the use of PSK mechanisms also in thicker windows.

• New materials and processing technologies allow FS PORTAL long-term use in outdoor conditions.
• Wide Output outdoors with unrestricted aperture
• Easy to use
• Rational assembly technique, flexibility, high level of efficiency
• Mild course of providing high-quality roller mechanism with ball bearings
• Special design opening hinges that do not require special care
• Also available in stainless steel processing with special high corrosion resistance.
• It is possible to integrate the tilt & turn the opening
• non-barrier equipment with a floor threshold in accordance with DIN 18025
The new SIEGENIA-AUBI floor threshold allows you to design a folding-sliding element system with almost no lesser step. Threshold insulation protects against water condensation and allows to realise barrier-free habitation solutions according to DIN 18025th

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